2nd annual 

clay soper memorial weekend championship results:

Mens Overall SL:
1st:   Hunter Stuercke (PSU)
2nd:  Christopher Bertram (BBTS)
3rd:  Garrett Quimby (PSU)
Mens Weekend Overall SL:
1st:   Matt Ryan (BBTS)
2nd:  Sasha Gannon (BBTS)
3rd:   Thomas Turpin (GSC)
Womens Overall SL:
1st:  Freydis Halla Einarsdottir (PSU)
2nd: Madison Lord (BBTS)
3rd: Charlotte Techen Lemgart (PSU)
Womens Weekend Overall SL:
1st:   Reed Cole (BBTS)
2nd:  Sarah Boland (Coch)
3rd:   Stella Alphas (FSC)
Mens U16 SL:
1st:   Ben Charleston (Proctor)
2nd:  Andrew Rusis (Proctor)
3rd:  Tanner Schultz (KMS)
Mens U16 Weekend SL:
1st:   Matt Ryan (BBTS)
2nd: Sasha Gannon (BBTS)
3rd:  Jason Denoncourt (BBTS)
Womens U16 SL:
1st:  Andrea Reynolds (HOLD)
2nd: Mikayla Stolar (HOLD)
3rd:  Haley Castner (BBTS)
Womens U16 Weekend SL:
1st:   Reed Cole (BBTS)
2nd:  Stella Alphas (FSC)
3rd:   Rebecca Caron (BBTS)
Saturday / SLALOM
Mens Overall GS:
1st:   Kenny Wilson (CSC)
2nd:  Peter Fucigna (BBTS)
3rd:   Karl Kuus (PSU)
Mens Weekend Overall GS:
1st:   William Austin (SUN)
2nd:  Justin Turner (BBTS)
3rd:  Thomas Turpin (GSC)
Womens Overall GS:
1st:  Freydis Halla Einarsdottir (PSU)
2nd: Rachel Nawrocki (BBTS)
3rd: Julia Ford
Womens Weekend Overall GS:
1st:   Mari Nakamura (BBTS)
2nd:  Eleanora Neel (BBTS)
3rd:  Stella Alphas (FSC)
Mens U16 GS:
1st:   Christopher Golden (PROC)
2nd:  Andrew Rusis (PROC)
3rd:   Ben Charleston (PROC)
Mens U16 Weekend GS:
1st:   Justin Turner (BBTS)
2nd:  Matt Ryan (BBTS)
3rd:   Will Bertram (BBTS)
Womens U16 GS:
1st:   Isabella Jenne (KMS)
2nd:  Haley Castner (BBTS)
3rd:   Grace Braun (BBTS)
Womens U16 Weekend GS:
1st:   Eleanora Neel (BBTS)
2nd:  Stella Alphas (FSC)
3rd:   Reed Cole (BBTS)

2017 overall new england weekend champions!

Special thanks to Blizzard for donating the fantastic burrito ski bag
and boot bag Weekend Champion Awards

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