bib design

Each year the design of the bib will help to tell a story about Clay. 

Below are the stories behind each theme.


Clay made everyone smile.  You should too.

A simple act of kindness can make someone's day!

This was our message this year - we think it would have made Clay smile!

2019 - waterville valley / a basin

Clay's Favorite Mountains!

The two mountain scenes on this year’s bib depict the ultimate resting place of Clay.  His happiest times were spent at Waterville Valley, NH and Arapahoe Basin, CO.  It just seemed right that this year we honor these special places with a two-sided bib.

2018 - tuxedo

Throughout Clay's youth, he was known for his t-shirt collection. One of his favorites was his tuxedo shirt. 

He wore it everywhere and thought it was the coolest....!

2017 - tie dye

Anyone who knew Clay knew he loved tie dye. He wore it often and wore it well!

2016 - inaUgural bib

The first "inagural year" we wanted it to reflect his

favorite colors.