“Clay Soper was a ski racer who loved the sport, made amazing connections wherever he went, and helped show people how to be the very best versions of themselves. He died tragically in 2015, and we hold this race to celebrate all of these things in his memory.”

                            — Todd Harris - BBTS U19 Weekend Coach



JANUARY Sun 19TH & Mon 20TH !

Clay Soper 1995 - 2015

Clay Soper was born and raised in

Winchester, MA. At the time of his

death, Clay was a rising sophomore

at the University of Denver in

Colorado and was a proud member

of the Sigma Chi Fraternity. He loved

people, tall mountains, deep snow

and first tracks.

In the early morning hours of

July 18th, 2015 our world changed. 

We were awakened by a call from

our son's friend telling us that Clay

was being taken to the hospital.  

That night Clay accidentally died from mixing prescription drugs with alcohol.  We never thought he would die that night. We never thought this could happen to our son or our family.  

When something like this happens you realize you have two options;

​    - To get small and hide behind the circumstances of your child's death;


   - To share your story in the hope that maybe we could make a difference

       in Clay's memory.

Clay was a special person.  He touched more lives in his 19 years than most people do in an entire lifetime. He should't have died....not this way. Nothing was out of the ordinary that night.  That night he and his friends did what is unfortunately, not uncommon in party culture today. Neither Clay, or his friends, had substance abuse issues or  addiction problems  -  they were typical college students doing what is common in their current party culture. They

had no idea that combining prescription drugs with alcohol could kill them

or their friend.

The Clay Soper Memorial Fund is our way to honor Clay's life and hopefully make a difference. Maybe things would be different......If They Had Known.

Clay Soper (with his dog, Kota)


We were granted $100k!

We are super excited that Cummings Foundation has included CSMF in their
$100k for100 program.  This will enable us to help reach thousands of students in Massachusetts with our Documentary Program. Click HERE  for more information about Cummings Foundation. 

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Our mission:

to educate youth about Clay's death and promote his passion of connecting and appreciating people from different cultures and backgrounds.

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The Clay Soper Memorial Fund is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  

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