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Clay Connections
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CLAY Connections brings inner city and suburban middle school youth together to participate in outdoor activities, adventure

and enrichment. The program strives to break down barriers and prejudices between youth from different backgrounds and economic classes by cultivating relationships through shared experiences.

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CLAY Connections is an initiative that seeks to connect inner city and suburban middle school age kids through outdoor activities and enrichment. Our goal is

to help create an awareness, appreciation, and understanding of different cultures and backgrounds by exposing students to worlds outside of their own. CLAY Connections was created by the Clay Soper Memorial Fund, in honor of Clay Soper, an individual who valued diversity, equity, and inclusion. His knowledge and passion stemmed greatly from his time spent volunteering with Youth Enrichment Services (YES), a sports adventure youth development non-profit located in Boston, MA. In collaboration with YES, CLAY Connections aims to bridge the gap between suburban and inner city youth by fostering relationships, sparking conversation, and encouraging kids to step out of their comfort zone.

These young people – from very different backgrounds – will work together on team building and participate in sports-based activities while building friendships and gaining an appreciation of their differences and recognizing their similarities.


After a short hiatus due to COVID 19, the Clay Connections Program will resume in October 2021.  We will be accepting students from both suburban and urban middle schools to participate.  Stay tuned for more info about our 2021program soon!

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"Richard Williams, the founder of Youth Enrichment Services (YES) believed in the idea that humans helping humans is a powerful thing that can changel ives for the better.  I couldn't agree more with him and through my time at YES my belief in humanity has risen."

- Clay Soper,  2014

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