4th annual 

clay soper memorial weekend championship results:

Mens Overall GS:
1st:   Luke Hanlon (BBTS)
2nd:  John Lucas (BBTS)
3rd:   R.J. Humphreys (CSC)
Mens Weekend Overall GS:
1st:   Charles Loukes (LRT)
2nd:  Justin Turner (BBTS)
3rd:   Camden Musial (MWV)
Womens Overall GS:
1st:  Samantha Naples (BBTS)
2nd: Paige McAfee (FSC)
3rd: Stella Alphas (FSC)
3rd: Julia Waal (MWV)
Womens Weekend Overall GS:
1st:   Stella Alphas (FSC)
1st:   Julia Waal (MWV)
2nd:  —
3rd:  Courtney Pingree (MWV)
3rd:  Jacklyn Tracy (FSC)
Mens U16 GS:
1st:   Charles Loukes (LRT)
2nd:  Timothy Golden (PRO)
3rd:   Daniel Zagoren (MWV)
Mens U16 Weekend GS:
1st:   Charles Loukes (LRT)
2nd:  Jack Willard (BMA-WKND)
3rd:  Cole Berube (LRT)
Womens U16 GS:
1st:  Paige McAfee (FSC)
2nd: Emma Reynolds (HOLD)
3rd:  Emily Gillis (PRO)
Womens U16 Weekend GS:
1st:   Jacklyn Tracy (FSC)
2nd:  Sarah Turner (MWV)
2nd:  Deena Jacunski (COCH)
3rd:   —
SLALOM / Sunday
Mens Overall SL:
1st:   Matthew Ryan (BBTS)
2nd:  Lian McNamara (PRO)
3rd:   Crosby Fay (BBTS)
Mens Weekend Overall SL:
1st:   Jason Denoncourt (BBTS)
2nd: Jack Theberge (MWV)
3rd:  Noah Lang (BBTS)
Womens Overall SL:
1st: Eleanora Neel (BBTS)
2nd: Stella Alphas (FSC)
3rd: Deena Jacunski (COCH)
Womens Weekend Overall SL:
1st:  Eleanora Neel (BBTS)
2nd: Stella Alphas (FSC)
3rd: Deena Jacunski (COCH)
Mens U16 SL:
1st:   Joseph Colwell (HOLD)
2nd:  Charlie Butler (BBTS)
3rd:   George Kwiencinski (BBTS)
Mens Weekend U16 SL:
1st:   Noah Lang (BBTS)
2nd:  Jake Lacoche (BBTS)
3rd:   William McCabe (BBTS)
Womens U16 SL:
1st:   Deena Jacunski (COCH)
2nd:  Olivia Paoli (BBTS)
3rd:   Wells Gillette (HOLD)
Womens Weekend U16  SL:
1st:   Deena Jacunski (COCH)
2nd:  Charlotte Couperthwait (COCH)
3rd:   Katherine Damon (BBTS)
Sunday / SLALOM

2019 overall new england weekend champions!

Women:  Stella Alphas (FSC)
Men:  Jake Lacoche (BBTS)
Each received a "Cool Snow Globe" and
very cool travel ski bag (courtesy of Sync!)

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