2nd annual

clay soper memorial weekend


More than Just A points Race

Held on January 14th & 15th this year,  the 2nd Annual Clay Soper Memorial Weekend Championship (CSMWC) was again, a huge success.  Two days of SOLD OUT races! Both Saturday and Sunday a crowd gathered at the bottom of World Cup to watch over 250 racers compete in slalom and giant slalom.   Racers enjoyed great points, a tasty on-hill lunch, great tunes and good times!  And new this year — inspections cookies!


The support for this race continues to warm our hearts.  The positive

energy can be felt both on and off the hill.  We thank each athlete who had the desire and made the effort to attend this event.   Congratulations to the Overall, U16 and Weekend Champions!

                                    (Click for race results)

The CSMWC was established in Clay's memory to celebrate the sport of ski racing and all its athletes; both full-time athletes and weekend athletes.

The CSMWC was originally intended to be a two day, USSA sanctioned, 

spring event.  As of January 2016, our race was on the calendar and planning had begun. We heard nothing but positive enthusiasm and support from many clubs and athletes.  Immediately following our very successful first year, we were instructed by NHARA and Bev LaFoley to move the race to January, which, with great sadnesss, we did.  NHARA's current position is firm that no new race will EVER be allowed to be held during the month of March - that month was only available to the

LaFoley series.  Their reason - "it's always been that way".  This didn't seem fair or right.......or even kind to us.  But, we obliged.


As part of the weekend event, all USSA registered New England weekend racers are able to compete for the title of Weekend Champion!  We have worked very hard to provide a fun and competitive venue which  celebrates the “New England Weekend Racer’s" commitment to ski racing and award their personal growth within the sport.  This title of Champion would logically come at the end of their season - not the beginning.


We hope very much to be allowed to have this race return to the March calendar in years to come to maintain the integrity and core by which the race was created. If you feel the same, please shoot us an email and let us know    —   claysopermemorialfund@gmail.com


We appreciate your support and hope to see  you next year at the

3rd Annual Clay Soper Memorial Weekend Championship!

(and yes — we were told it had to be in January again!)


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Our mission:

to educate youth about Clay's death and promote his passion of connecting and appreciating people from different cultures and backgrounds.

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