about Clay Soper 

Clay Soper died suddenly in July, 2015.  He was a “normal” college student who,

one Friday night, became the “unlucky one”.  Clay was born and raised in

Winchester, MA. At the time of his death, Clay was a thriving 19 (almost 20 year old) rising sophomore at the University of Denver, and was a proud member of the Sigma Chi Fraternity.


Clay had a gift in his ability to connect with people and embrace his passions

which set him apart from other kids his age. Because of these unique traits, we have established the Clay Soper Memorial Fund (CSMF).  The Clay Soper Memorial Fund is our way to honor Clay's life and hopefully make a difference.  The Fund seeks to educate youth about Clay’s death and how to avoid such a tragic accident

as well as, promote his passion of connecting youth from different cultures

through his love of skiing and the outdoors.

We believe Clay would have continued to follow his passions, and, with the unique combination of his love of people and skiing he would have made a difference.  

We hope his Memorial Fund will allow us to make a difference.

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"Richard Williams, the founder of Youth Enrichment Services (YES) believed in the 

idea that humans helping humans is a

powerful thing that can change lives for the better.  I could not agree morewith him and through my time at YES my belief in humanity has risen."


                                 — Clay Soper,  2014