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We honor Clay’s life by helping to save the lives of others and, by motivating cultural change among young people.

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The Clay Soper Memorial Fund seeks to educate, engage and empower our children and yours with two important initiatives:

If They Had Known A documentary that shares the story of Clay Soper’s tragic, accidental death from mixing prescription drugs and alcohol.  By sharing Clay’s story, we hope to prevent our tragedy from becoming yours.

CLAY Connections A program connecting inner-city and suburban middle school students to foster an appreciation for people from different cultures and backgrounds and promote acceptance, kindness, and understanding of differences.

We established the Clay Soper Memorial Fund (CSMF) because we wanted to make a difference in Clay’s memory.  His tragic death was something we felt needed to be talked about and understood. He should not have died.  He made a bad decision that is, unfortunately, a reality of party culture today. We hope through our documentary, "If They Had Known", to educate youth about the risks of mixing prescription drugs with alcohol to help others avoid such a tragic accident.

Clay had a passion for people. He possessed an inviting personality and sense of humor that made people naturally feel comfortable and safe with him. Creating awareness of different cultures among young people was something that Clay believed in deeply.  He appreciated differences and thrived on learning about people’s backgrounds.  We hope our CLAY CONNECTIONS program will promote similar personal growth and the realization that people are more similar than different.


The Clay Soper Memorial Fund is our way to honor Clay's life and passions and make a difference in his memory.

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Clay Soper (1995 - 2015)
and his dog, Kota
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